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By Lisa Eick, RN - Clinical Consultant Navigating the sea of Medicare requirements for DME suppliers is often overwhelming for even the most seasoned suppliers. In an effort to ensure suppliers have access to non-complex information CMS mandates the contractors have a method for suppliers to easily access the information. These valuable tools can alleviate the need to contact the customer service advocate. The online tools offered by each contractor vary, but both have similar tools for calculating a variety of deadlines and tools for identifying what type of documentation is required to support a Medicare claim. These tools provided are an excellent resource for training and educating new staff, as well as providing a refresher for long term staff. CGS recently added a Documentation Identification Tool which included valuable information and reminders to avoid highlighting or circling information on medical records to bring attention to the Medicare reviewer. The pre-designed divider sheets are intended to be a place marker in front of the specific documents submitted for review. Noridian recently added a Nebulizer Drug Calculator, which displays the number of units that the supplier can bill in a 31 or 90-day period by entering the name and strength of the medication, the vial size dispensed and the frequency the patient takes the medication. These are just two examples of the types of online tools the MACs have available to the supplier in an effort to ensure suppliers have quick access to timely and pertinent information on Medicare requirements. The following are the links to both Noridian and CGS which provide the supplier with a wealth of information. https://med.noridianmedicare.com/web/jea/education/calculators-tools https://www.cgsmedicare.com/jc/help/tools.html