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Protect Your Business from Audits: Be Proactive with Billing E&O Insurance and Compliance Measures

Being audited by a RAC or UPIC can be incredibly stressful for any health care provider, whether you’re a home medical equipment provider, a physical therapy practice, or a home health agency. Getting fined for billing errors that result in overpayment...

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RAC Audit Alert: Home Use of Oxygen and Urological Supplies

On July 11, 2018, Performant Recovery, the National DMEPOS RAC, added Home Use of Oxygen to their approved issues list. According to their website, Performant Recovery will perform complex reviews on Home Oxygen to determine if the equipment provided...

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CMS removes 'start date' requirement from DWO

Effective August 7, 2018, a detailed written order will no longer require a start date, only an order date. The date of the order should be the date entered by the prescribing physician. A detailed written order is required prior to billing Medicare. The...

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Webinar: Don't get caught up in the pitfalls with dispensing PAP supplies

Recently, the OIG released a report with the findings related to PAP supply claims, more specifically to the refill requests. The results were interesting to see a small sample size that will result in more audits. Bottom line is that it’s time to review...

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Correct Coding for Wheelchair Accessories

By Kim Turner, RN Recent CMS reports have identified that durable medical equipment and complex rehab suppliers are billing HCPCS code K0108 (WHEELCHAIR COMPONENT OR ACCESSORY, NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED) for many of the wheelchair accessories being added...

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Continuous Glucose Monitors

By Abrielle Uritz, RN, BSN, CPC, CEMC - Clinical Consultant As you may remember, previous CMS changes effective January 2017, discussed the use of smart devices like cell phones or tablets to display results of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM). The...

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