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Prior Authorization Condition of Payment for K0856 and K0861

By: Kim Turner, RN – Clinical Consultant CMS has announced that two items of durable medical equipment will be subject to required prior authorization beginning with dates of service/delivery March 20, 2017 for the following durable medical equipment: ...

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The Cost of Kids: How to Plan for Your Growing Family

At Iowa State Bank we understand that adding to your family may not only be an emotional decision but a financial one as well. With the growing costs of childcare alone, it’s important to have a well-rounded plan for covering the expenses...

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Student Loan PSA: What Student Debt Really Looks Like

Obtaining your secondary education can be a landmark goal on your journey to success. By opening up opportunities, and enhancing your capabilities, the study of a discipline gives you the skills you need to conquer your future ambitions. More often...

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RAC Record Requests

By: Lisa Eick, RN – Clinical Consultant So, the RACs are back! What does this mean for the home medical equipment, home health and hospice providers? As of this writing there are no issues approved by CMS for the RAC, Performant, for home health...

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How to Shave Thousands of Dollars off Your Mortgage

Congratulations on purchasing your home. You are now privileged to enjoy the thrills of home repair, maintenance, and occasional renovation. Depending on your mortgage structure, you may be paying off your home for up to thirty years. Luckily Iowa...

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