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Here’s what other people are saying about The van Halem Group


“Wayne van Halem and his team were a pleasure to work with. Meetings were timely and on point. They quickly ascertained what actions were needed and resolved them in a timely manner. The estimate for costs was spot on and remained to the end of the contract. Highly recommend his firm.”

Dr. Ron Dellanno

CEO, Cervigard Spinal Bracing Corporation


“When you talk about a metric, it is definitely the labor time that we saved. We received payment faster and had cleaner claims [because of our use of van Halem Group audit and prescreen services]. Clean claims is your ultimate goal for DME providers - to make sure you have clean claims so you don't get rejection or denial. And it definitely improved for us.”

Steve Nyhuis

Former President of Airway Oxygen


“Care Resource has been a client of The van Halem Group for the past 5 years. Our company has used them for chart audit and post-payment review. After using their services I would never submit a record for review to any payer without van Halem reviewing the record first. In addition, we have utilized their clinical staff to develop standard detailed written orders that meet Medicare's highest documentation standards; this expertise has prevented payment recoupments. In Heath Care today it not about getting paid it is about keeping the payment. Services from The van Halem Group dramatically increase the odds of keeping payments.”

Kelly Lambrese, RN, BSN

Vice President Of Corporate Compliance


“CHME Inc. has been utilizing The van Halem Group since 2008. We have worked with vHG for management of audits and appeals, pre-qualifying complex rehab and Respiratory patients and they have also assisted us with Medicare enrollment. Their attention to detail is hands down amazing! I have been in business for 37 years and have seen many changes. Connecting with Wayne and his team has provided our company with the peace of mind that we have a partner that can manage the complexity of maintaining our compliance and; at the end of the day, have our claims paid.”

Bernie Zimmer

Founder, President and CEO, CHME Inc.