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The Best Defense is a Good Offense!

By: Pam Felkins Colbert, JD, Vice President, The van Halem Group How’s Your Defense? With fall in the air, we automatically think of football, whether it is NFL, SEC, or high school! The “the best defense is a good offense” adage applies to football...

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Home Improvement Projects: Tidy Up Before Fall Comes

The fall season is a popular time of year for many folks as it brings cooler weather, cozy sweaters, football and, of course, the beautiful colors of fall foliage. But as the temperature continues to drop, now is a great time to make those final improvements...

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EMV Cards: A More Secure Way to Make Purchases

There’s a change coming to the credit cards millions of Americans carry around with them every day. To be clear, this is a positive change that will hopefully prevent credit card fraud from continuing to be a menace and monthly news story. EMV...

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