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The KX Modifier Trap

I am going to use a metaphor to try and get my point across. In this metaphor, the DME supplier is a harmless little mouse simply trying to get a piece of cheese. That cheese is a reimbursed claim. Now, CMS is a home owner trying to rid her house...

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Inexpensive Summertime Fun Ideas

The summer season has finally arrived. We survived another cold and long Iowa winter. Now it is time to celebrate the warm weather with inexpensive summertime fun ideas. Iowa State Bank understands that money may be tight, but that doesn’t...

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Curb Summer Spending

When you think of the summertime, you think of summer vacation and weekend getaways to new destinations. Although summer fun is ideal for your social life, it may not be so ideal for your wallet. Iowa State Bank is bringing you ways to curb summer...

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