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New DMEPOS Provider Services

Are you new to the home medical equipment business? The van Halem Group has services to help you get started in the industry.

Product-Specific Education Webinars

The van Halem Group’s team of expert consultants are able to train your employees on proper documentation requirements and coverage criteria to make sure claims are filed correctly the first time, so you can get paid and keep your money in the event of an audit. Training is available for Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payers.

Clinical Prescreen Services

Let The van Halem Group’s clinical team pre-screen your claims before you submit them for payment to ensure the documentation you have meets the payor’s coverage criteria and your claims are complete and accurate. Pre-screens will reduce audits and appeals, help reduce the risk of violating coverage policies, and ultimately help your business get paid faster.

Our Clinical Prescreen Services are per file fees and based upon complexity. 

Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment Assistance and Updates

The van Halem Group can assist with the enrollment and update process for both Medicare and state Medicaid plans, making sure you enroll correctly to bill and avoid potentially costly revocations or supplier standard violations.

vHG Audit Alerts

Audits will happen, but don’t let them catch you off guard. Stay up to date on audits in the DMEPOS industry and arm yourself with background information of what to expect if you get audited.

Compliance Program

As a part of your accreditation standards, DMEPOS providers must have a compliance program in place. The van Halem Group can help you establish and maintain your program, which will ultimately protect your business from unnecessary scrutiny and compliance issues. It is like hiring an entire team of compliance experts, for a fraction of the cost. Monthly compliance packages include:

  • Compliance Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Online annual compliance training with management reporting and tracking
  • Quarterly technical, coding, and clinical audits
  • 24-hour web-based and telephone compliance hotline
  • Compliance posters for your office
  • Quarterly compliance newsletter

Process Assessment

As a new supplier, you want to make sure the processes you create align with industry standards. Our expert team of consultants have analyzed processes for large and small suppliers throughout the country. The process includes an on-site or virtual review of any of the following areas:

  • Workflow
  • Intake
  • Documentation Management
  • Billing
  • Denial management

As part of our review, you will receive a comprehensive Executive Summary which would include a summary of potential vulnerabilities, suggestion for necessary or recommended corrective actions or improvements, as well as best practices. 

General Consultation 

At The van Halem Group we understand that as a new supplier you may encounter questions or scenarios that require additional assistance. By utilizing our consultation services you can rely on our team of experts to provide guidance on clinical and non-clinical issues, as well as regulatory and reimbursement questions. 

VGM members receive discounts on all of The van Halem Group services. Contact us for more information on how to get started and build your business in the DMEPOS industry while staying compliant with all of the rules and regulations.

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