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Competitive Bidding Program Consultation Services


CMS has announced that the next round of the Competitive Bidding Program will begin in 2021. Round 2021 includes several major changes from previous programs, including additional product categories, changes to licensing and security bond requirements, and elimination of the national mail order program.

If you are interested in the program and want to determine if a bid submission is right for your organization we can help! The van Halem Group offers consultation services related to Competitive Bid topics. Preparing for the next round of Competitive Bidding is much like starting a new HME business. Whether you are currently providing any of the items on the product categories list or simply have an idea of what products you will bid on in the future, our team of experts can help.

Our consultation services extend beyond the bid process. We offer Competitive Bid contract winners education and training for their staff, to understand your requirements as a bid winner and also the coverage and documentation requirements for the products you will be providing in your competitive bid area. Our clinical team can also conduct prescreens of your claims prior to submission, to ensure you are ready to supply Medicare patients in your CBA.