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Carrie Nienberg, RN, CPC, Director of Clinical Operations

On August 25th, 2020, CGS conducted a webinar on the National Coverage Determination (NCD) coverage criteria and documentation requirements for ventilators. During the webinar, the following questions were asked by attendees that required follow-up to the medical directors for clarification. In sharing their responses, it will give you guidance when reviewing documentation prior to setting up a ventilator patient.



Question: If the hospital did not do an ABG, only VBG, would the VBG help qualify the patient for a ventilator?



Answer: ABG is the only acceptable method listed for measurement of CO2.






Question: Is ETCO2 results valid for CO2 retention versus an ABG?



Answer: Same answer; only an ABG is the acceptable method listed for measurement of CO2.






Question: Can we provide a multi-function ventilator at the bedside and provide a second ventilator on a wheelchair if needed?



Answer: Yes. Per CMS Medically Unlikely Edits, the multi-function ventilator (E0467) has a value of two units and is a date of service edit. This means that the the claims processing system sums all units of service on all claim lines with the same HCPCS code and date of service to allow for two units to process when billed. 
























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