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Advice from The van Halem Group: Requesting a Reopening

The word “reopening” has different meanings, depending on what side of the fence you may fall. If you are speaking to your local DMEMAC customer service representative, they may suggest that a reopening is in order for claim submissions that contained...

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Prep Your Finances for Home Buying Season

Whether you are buying your first home or it’s your third time around, there are always several points you need to keep in mind before you say “yes” to the dream home. Prepping your finances for home buying season is the most important...

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The importance of physician documentation to the DME Supplier

In the month of February I traveled to four different cities for various association meetings, conferences or on-site client visits. During my travels I encountered suppliers that are all have or are currently being audited by one of many CMS contractors....

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Last Minute Spring Break Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Spring break is a week that the kids won’t have school and the whole family is itching to get away, even if it’s only for a few days. Some spring break trips can cost upwards of $1,100 per person for an entire week because many hotels...

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