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The Four Fundamentals of HIPAA

In 2015, the Office of Civil Rights issued $6 million in fines related to HIPAA violations. In 2016, that number increased to $23 million, a 283 percent jump. So far in 2017, they have issued $17 million in fines with the projection of upward growth. If...

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New Brightree Tool Supports HME Industry Efforts to Collect Data on Medicare Audits

The next HME Audit Key data submission period, covering the time period through the 2nd Quarter of 2017, is set to open on July 17.  Even if you haven't previously participated, you can still take part starting with this round.  HME suppliers of all...

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Are you prepared for the new nationwide PAR?

By Kay Koch, OTR/L, ATP Rehab Clinical and Education Consultant Beginning July 17, 2017, K0856, single power option and K0861 multiple power options, Group 3 Power Mobility Devices will be subject to Prior Authorization Review (PAR) nationwide. Prior...

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A Warning from Wayne

We received word from several VGM members of contact with them by a company out of the Philippines trying to engage companies in paying for referrals on back braces. The entity makes claims that their "surrogate agreement" is OK with CMS.  We’d like...

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