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CMS recently announced several updates to the online Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System (PECOS). Beginning this summer, PECOS will unveil the latest version, touted by CMS to make the process of applying to “become a Medicare provider will be easier and faster.” One of the more notable updates is the Consolidated Application feature. This feature was designed for large health systems and chains to be able to enroll or update information across multiple states or enrollments with one, single application. In addition to the consolidated application feature, PECOS will also automatically send the submitted application to the appropriate Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) for processing.

In addition to the consolidated application, PECOS 2.0 has incorporated a pre-population function to better streamline data entry. This function will also allow PECOS to keep information like names, licenses, locations, ownership, and more for every individual and organization in a single national profile. This means the information will be more easily viewable across enrollments, and it will be pre-populated for new applications.

Other features to the redesign include:

  • Tailored application process that adapts based on the application type, only show information that is relevant
  • Quick and easy Revalidation process to include reminders for renewals and guidance on the appropriate information to review and confirm
  • Real-Time status tracking

CMS has provided video tutorials and FAQs accessible on their provider enrollment website and will continue to share information over the coming months.


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