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Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC, as the Supplemental Medical Review Contractor (SMRC) for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is conducting post-payment review of Orthopedic Footwear claims from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

Reviews will include base and accessory codes from the Orthopedic Footwear LCD (L33641). 

Base Codes L3224, L3225, L3649
Accessory Codes  L3455, L3460, L3530, L3540, L3600, L3610, L3620, L3630, L3640, L3000, L3001, L3002, L3003, L3010, L3020, L3030, L3031, L3040, L3050, L3060, L3070, L3080, L3090, L3100, L3140, L3150, L3160, L3170, L3300, L3310, L3320, L3330, L3332, L3334, L3340, L3350, L3360, L3370, L3380, L3390, L3400, L3410, L3420, L3430, L3440, L3450, L3465, L3470, L3480, L3485, L3500, L3510, L3520, L3550, L3560, L3570, L3580, L3590 and L3595


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