Products and Services

The van Halem Group’s experience provides our clients with the benefit of remaining compliant and knowing how to navigate government and private healthcare payors and their complex processes. In addition to the services below, we also provide assistance with enrollment issues, compliance investigations, on-site assessments, Corrective Action Plans, expert and consulting witness services, and more.

Proactive Services

Our proactive services are designed to prepare and protect your business from risk. These types of services include prescreen claim reviews, audits, risk assessments, education and training, and monthly compliance packages.   Learn More

Reactive Services

Our reactive services are designed to help resolve and correct issues while minimizing any negative impact on your organization. Reactive services include, but are not limited to audit response solutions, appeal preparation, enrollment issues, compliance investigations, on-site assessments, Corrective Action Plans, expert and consulting witness services, and more.   Learn More

HIPAA Compliance

The van Halem Group offers a variety of HIPAA Compliance support services to ensure your organization is compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations. Whether you need to implement a HIPAA compliance program, complete a Security and Risk Assessment (SRA), audit your current HIPAA compliance program, or even need assistance with an Office for Civil Rights (OCR) audit or investigation, our team can help.   Learn More

Competitive Bidding Consultative Services

If you are interested in the program and want to determine if a bid submission is right for your organization we can help! The van Halem Group offers consultation services related to Competitive Bid topics.   Learn More

PDAC Verification Requests

Submitting a request to the PDAC for coding can be a complicated process. The van Halem Group makes it simple. Our team of experts can provide guidance and assistance as you navigate the PDAC Coding Verification process.    Learn More

New DMEPOS Provider Services

Is your home medical equipment business new to DMEPOS? The van Halem Group has services to help you get started in the industry.   Learn More

Due Diligence Audits

The van Halem Group offers a two-pronged approach to due diligence reviews. The first is an independent external audit for our clients who want to be certain their investments are sound and the target organization is compliant with Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial payor coverage policies. The second prong is an assessment of the target’s HIPAA and Reimbursement compliance activities to assure that their compliance program is well-designed and being applied earnestly and in good faith.  Our due diligence reviews are an excellent tool to assess transaction risks, identify best practices, internal controls, and corrective actions.