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  Financial Planning and Review of Year End Reports

At the beginning of each year, 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Yet only 8% of these people can stick to their resolutions according to Statistic Brain. Iowa State Bank wants to help you keep your resolution for 2015, so we have quick financial organization tips to keep you in check.

Quick Financial Organization Tips:

Personal Finances- It is important to frequently check up on your personal finances. Iowa State Bank makes it easy with our online banking services. By checking in on your finances, you can be sure that your account is in good standing and you are able to keep an eye on fraudulent charges.

Meet with your financial advisor- Set up an appointment late this month or early next month to see where you stand with retirement, mortgage payoff, and other financial obligations. Your financial advisor can give you the advice you need when deciding what to do next with your finances.

Make a list of goals- Take 10 minutes out of your day to make a list of 10 financial goals you have for the upcoming year. Have you always wanted to take the family to Disney World or to the beach? Make a goal to do so in 2015. By writing it down, you will be more accountable.

Stay organized with a calendar- A calendar can keep all of your appointments and other commitments organized. You can mark two days each month on the calendar where you check all of your loans, bank statements, bills, and mortgage. The calendar will keep you on top of due dates so you don’t get charged unsightly late payment fees.

Iowa State Bank wants financial organization to be easy for you this year. Contact us today about our personal finances options and loan services. You are sure to get organized this year with these tips!