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Vacation Tips

Traveling the world is both adventurous and insightful. From climbing mountain peaks, to swimming among tropical fish, wherever your next vacation takes you, make sure you’re financially prepared. At Iowa State Bank, were excited to help you get ready for your upcoming destination! Try these tipping tricks next time you’re out and about on your future getaway.


Bartenders: $1 per drink or, or 15-20 percent of the total bill.

Bellman/Porter: $1-2 per piece of luggage.

Casino Card Dealers: Tip a chip in the amount you are betting, staggered on your amount of wins. If you are playing $5 chips and win a few then giving the dealer a $5 chip as well.

Concierge: $5 per request.

Hairdresser/Manicurist: An additional 10-20 percent for a good service.

Housekeeping: $2-3 per night up to $5 generally in higher end hotels.

Instructors: An additional $10-20 per quality lesson for various sport or leisure activities.

In suite dining: Service charge goes to the hotel not the waiter. If no gratuity added put on an additional 15-20 percent tip.

Scuba Diving: For an afternoon (or 2 tank dive) it is common to tip $20 per person, per day of the trip. These tips generally go to the deck hands and dive guides for equipment hauling and tank turnover.

Spa: Tip 10-20 percent if gratuity has not already been included.

Tour Guides: 15-20 percent or more depending on knowledge and quality of the outing.

Valet Parking: $2-5 when picking up car.

For all your vacation excursions and more, these helpful tips will aid you in all of your travel spending. To better manage your finances back home, be sure to give Iowa State Bank a call! We’ll work with you to help boost your savings to make your next vacation a relaxing success.